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With the Zink, print mini (2×3) photos straight from your digital camera or camera phone. By using a patented technology, Zink produces instant results without using ink, ribbons, or toner. Zink uses special patented paper with embedded crystals inside. In the printing process, heat activates these crystals, which are colorless before printing.

Zink imagines their technology being applied to “printers in your pocket, on your desktop, embedded in your TV or PC, or even hanging on the wall…photographs of all sizes, posters, ID cards, and labels.”

If this is a product that can truly offer quality photos and novelty, then I see Zink potentially gaining approval. By whom? Tweens, teens/GenY, and GenX would appreciate a product that gives them convenience, portability (to the extreme), a bit of flash, and tech-credibility. Who doesn’t want to look tech-savvy these days? (Ok, some people could care less, but a lot of people fall over themselves trying to obtain the latest consumer technology product. I.e. long lines before Apple’s iPhone went on sale.)

Part of Zink’s tag is “Zero Ink. Zero Boundaries.” I believe they created their name from the former, while the latter defines their company’s vision and product capabilities. I’ll be eager to see if Zink forges ahead and makes a sizeable impact on the digital imaging and printing world in the next 5 years.

This leather-backed, walnut and acrylic based Japanese-designed handset is a stunner. Unfortunately, the Amadana DU-119, is only available in Europe and Japan until its U.S. debut. Bang & Olufsen, Apple, watch out.

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What is good design? Is it pretty, strong, harsh, cool, weird, functional? The most intriguing and useful design is the kind that helps solve a problem – even if it’s a seemingly small one. I like useful design because form works with function and enhances my every day experiences.Here’s my first example of good design found in for + function:Graphic designer Yuji Adachi created this screensaver, found ahttp://www.9031/downloads.com. There is something going on here when I find this download just plain cool and get even more excited when I see it work on my new white MacBook. The idea of retro making its way back into current pop culture isn’t anything new, but it’s always fun to discover another application of a current trend.

Who doesn’t like toys? It seems adult toys (not the dirty kind) have been making a comeback of sorts, for some time. One fun company I came across is called Pee&Poo. (insert dirty joke here, pun intended)

Pee&Poo (http://www.peeandpoo.com/eng/flasheng.asp ) are toys created by a Swedish designer (Emma Megitt). The toys were part of her project at School of Design and Crafts. In her dissertation, Megitt says, “The soft cuddly toys Pee&Poo elegantly integrate form and function in a playful and disarming manner.” They certainly look cuddly…but I’m not sure if they speak of elegance. If you’re not comfortable purchasing a plush toy, don’t worry, you’ve got other options in their t-shirts, underwear, and more.


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