Pee&Poo, You Know You Want It

Posted on: August 31, 2007

Who doesn’t like toys? It seems adult toys (not the dirty kind) have been making a comeback of sorts, for some time. One fun company I came across is called Pee&Poo. (insert dirty joke here, pun intended)

Pee&Poo (http://www.peeandpoo.com/eng/flasheng.asp ) are toys created by a Swedish designer (Emma Megitt). The toys were part of her project at School of Design and Crafts. In her dissertation, Megitt says, “The soft cuddly toys Pee&Poo elegantly integrate form and function in a playful and disarming manner.” They certainly look cuddly…but I’m not sure if they speak of elegance. If you’re not comfortable purchasing a plush toy, don’t worry, you’ve got other options in their t-shirts, underwear, and more.

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