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One mysterious Ann (no email, no profile) has set up the beginnings of a story in the hopes of publishing it and donating the profits to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Write a Sentence to Help Save Lives was thought up by Ann, who starts the story off with one sentence and invites anyone to add their own sentence in the comment page. I immediately jumped to the most recent comment and thought about adding something from there, but decided to read from the beginning. For the most part, contributors seem very intelligent and creative. Also very passionate. (a few don’t take the task too seriously).

I was surprised to find myself so engaged in the story, as we learned the characters’ names, location, backstory of their dreamed up connection, and so on. The creator of the blog/story leaves no information on herself, so we don’t know where she is. Many contributors are in the Middle East. I’m in MN and found the link to Ann’s blog off of Facebook. Hussein Dajani, brand planner at J.Walter Thompson, posted it in the IPA Strategy Group group, of which I belong. How did he hear of this community-created story?

To date, there are about 100 posts, some of them containing contributor information (name, city, etc). Some seem to be repeat contributors. I wonder what percentage got involved because they believe in the cause, and what percentage wanted to join to simply be a part of this global storytelling project? I admire Ann’s idea and the cause, but I was drawn to contributing because I wanted to help create the story. I’ll have to come back closer to December to see how it’s evolved.


I get it. Is that bad?

I’m signing up to blog about the environment as part of Blog Action Day. (See Faris post “We Need Each Other” to the right in the pink box or All Day Buffet.) The date is set for 10/15. So far, 6,109 blogs have signed up, which is not counting mine. This initiative asks “What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day?” What will happen? Sign up and be a part of this mass communication of idea sharing.

MINI’s teaser site, counting down to the launch of buzz-building 15-second film clips promoting the Clubman. See Contagious post or MINI’s The Other View clock.

Also running is their The Other Lunch campaign. Choose from a variety of events (FREE LUNCH included) where you can bone up on some valuable life skills. Why don’t I live in London? Actually, I’m really curious to know how MINI will integrate their brand story directly into the events. Or, will there be no mention of MINI or the Clubman?

I like the quirk factor in the various events (how to get back in a will, how to pass a lie detector test). And I like that you get free food. Aside from this, the campaign is interesting in that it combines fun learning with community interaction. It’s really working to bring like-minded people (MINI fans, potential fans) together, get them to interact, and ultimately bond within the group and to the brand.

If anyone signs up to one of these lunches, post your comments on the experience here.

Saw this on Adam’s Facebook, so I decided to see what I was…

Turns out I am an Animated Creator.

I like the visual questions (slide bars, graphs), vs multiple choice where you hem and haw. I sort-of zoned in and was drawn to intuitively click as I took in the spaces and bars. (You’ll see what I mean if you do it.) Take it here.

I don’t know why, but I’m a little fascinated by HeadOn. I’m lucky enough that I don’t get headaches often, and when I do, I reach for generic Ibruprofen. But now that I’ve seen this article, maybe I’ll keep HeadOn ‘in mind’ the next time I’m at Target.

So sales are up not 50%, not 75%, not even 100%. No, they’re up 234%. I’m curious. Have you used it? Does it work? Can you only apply it directly on the forehead? Can you try it on the temples? (Is this dangerous? Is there a tingly sensation? Will my toes fall off?)

I wonder if a large part of the sales increase is because a lot of people like myself are just curious to see what this product can actually do. But how does it work? Hmm…I smell project!)

These quotes come from Bruce Mau Design’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth, which I find simple, yet completely compelling and authentic.

1. “Allow events to change you.”
As a planner (and thinker), I open myself to the possibility of growth through experiences and change. In fact, I seek it.

5. “Go deep.”
I will commit myself to dig deeper, knowing that if I do, I could be rewarded with valuable discoveries.

9. “Begin anywhere.”
The process of planning seems uncomplicated, yet it’s no easy task. I like the idea that anywhere is fair game for mining ideas and insights. It says jump in with no fear.

16. “Collaborate”
As I’ve found in Bootcamp at Miami Ad School, putting ideas and questions together in a bubble, as opposed to working alone in seclusion proves that collaboration creates more potential for great insight.


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