HeadOn Sales Up

Posted on: September 24, 2007

I don’t know why, but I’m a little fascinated by HeadOn. I’m lucky enough that I don’t get headaches often, and when I do, I reach for generic Ibruprofen. But now that I’ve seen this article, maybe I’ll keep HeadOn ‘in mind’ the next time I’m at Target.

So sales are up not 50%, not 75%, not even 100%. No, they’re up 234%. I’m curious. Have you used it? Does it work? Can you only apply it directly on the forehead? Can you try it on the temples? (Is this dangerous? Is there a tingly sensation? Will my toes fall off?)

I wonder if a large part of the sales increase is because a lot of people like myself are just curious to see what this product can actually do. But how does it work? Hmm…I smell project!)


1 Response to "HeadOn Sales Up"

To me, the appeal of HeadOn is instant gratification. It offers a treatment that connects physically with the pain. Head hurts, must put something on head. People probably think that the direct contact may work faster than swallowing a pill. (I don’t know if it does.) We’re conditioned to believe this from other meds on the market: have backache, put on IcyHot; have toothache, slap on Anbesol; have congested lungs, rub on Vicks Vapor; etc. These, for the most part, offer instant relief.

Anyways, love your blog. I am interested in all this advertising stuff too, but am just too lazy to gather all this info.

Your roots are strong, so don’t ignore them. Next time you’re in LA, let me know. You should meet my best friend. She’ll take you to K-town.

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