Write a Sentence to Help Save Lives

Posted on: September 29, 2007

One mysterious Ann (no email, no profile) has set up the beginnings of a story in the hopes of publishing it and donating the profits to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Write a Sentence to Help Save Lives was thought up by Ann, who starts the story off with one sentence and invites anyone to add their own sentence in the comment page. I immediately jumped to the most recent comment and thought about adding something from there, but decided to read from the beginning. For the most part, contributors seem very intelligent and creative. Also very passionate. (a few don’t take the task too seriously).

I was surprised to find myself so engaged in the story, as we learned the characters’ names, location, backstory of their dreamed up connection, and so on. The creator of the blog/story leaves no information on herself, so we don’t know where she is. Many contributors are in the Middle East. I’m in MN and found the link to Ann’s blog off of Facebook. Hussein Dajani, brand planner at J.Walter Thompson, posted it in the IPA Strategy Group group, of which I belong. How did he hear of this community-created story?

To date, there are about 100 posts, some of them containing contributor information (name, city, etc). Some seem to be repeat contributors. I wonder what percentage got involved because they believe in the cause, and what percentage wanted to join to simply be a part of this global storytelling project? I admire Ann’s idea and the cause, but I was drawn to contributing because I wanted to help create the story. I’ll have to come back closer to December to see how it’s evolved.


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