Blogs…Read This: A PPT and Top Blogs

Posted on: October 12, 2007

So in the past few days I’ve added about 10 more RSS feeds to the list. Most are design and planning/culture-oriented. Yay for ideas!

Also, I was reading through Aki Spicer and Ed Cotton’s ppt, “Blogging the Agency” and found the tips to be really helpful. As a hopeful junior planner/strategist (read: NOT yet snapped up by an agency/communications group), I’m trying to hone this blogging thing. It’s no easy task, given the onslaught of information I’m shown every day, every minute. Of-course, I like having all of this ‘stuff’ at my fingertips, even if it gives me a headache to read through at times.

Now I just found myself on Heron Preston’s blog (by way of searching for specific NYC strategists on LinkedIn – gotta love creative web stalking!) and found a great list of the top young planner blogs. Advertising’s Young Minds gives us The Top 27 Blogs of People Under 27. I already subscribe to a few of these, but now I must busy myself with adding the other 25…

This all shows me I need to step up my game. But, I suppose my game would be a lot better if I was actually working in planning/communication strategy – I’d be forced to integrate my own interests with work experiences. Well, until then, I’ll just pretend I’m a junior thinker at some shop and continue to work at adding to the blogosphere.

(Please note Daniel’s (from Advertising’s Young Minds) ranking criteria – he is not calling it a “best of” list. So when reading the comments below his list, take it all with a grain of salt. One point Aki and Ed point out is that there’s a tendency for bloggers to toot their own horns and blogging is an ego-booster. I agree, so keep in mind that blogging is not a popularity contest. It’s about contributing to your like-minded community, sharing ideas, and finding inspiration from within yourself and others.)


1 Response to "Blogs…Read This: A PPT and Top Blogs"

Hi Courtney. That´s a nice point you make and it was precisely the idea I had with this list.

I´m still amazed that there wasn´t many people who knew those blogs, although the web is supposed to be a territory domained by the young ones. All of us read pretty much the same blogs, which are wrote by some of the best planner directors around. But the young minds in planning (and advertising overall) are not very well known.

By the way, I was checking your blog and is quite interesting. And that´s what matters. Personally, I´ve adopted Russell´s “How to be interesting” post as a mantra for doing my blog. Maybe with the time, you will be able to make it to the list.

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