Access Denied: No WordPress in Turkey?

Posted on: October 18, 2007

I was slightly (only slightly) shocked to discover that Turkey has blocked its citizens from accessing WordPress. Through the powers of social networking, specifically Facebook, I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with people from all around the world. One Facebook friend is from Turkey and when I recently posted a question asking people which blog they preferred (Blogger vs. WordPress), I was told by my Turkish acquaintance that he couldn’t see this blog.

This is what he saw when he tried getting here:

“Access to this site has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/195 of T.C. Fatih 2.Civil Court of First Instance. ”

Hopping onto Google, I found this:

“It was revealed later on that the court action was the result of a complaint filed by Adnan Oktar who uses the pseudonym Harun Yahya in his creationist publications. His complaint was on th grounds of slander and defamation by Edip Yuksel who has been attacking him on and off the net on religion and science issues. As part of his crusade, Mr. Yuksel apparently set up several blogs in the wordpress with names containing Harun Yahya and encouraging others to do the same. I do have certain views vis-a vis the evolution-creation issue; and even published a couple of articles here dealing with the matter but that is besides the point.” (Bekir L. Yildirim’s blog)

Apparently, the web (in Turkey) is not the place to freely share your thoughts (no matter the content). I will say I’m a bit confused, because several people have commented on Yildirim’s post (at least one in Turkey) so I’m not sure if this block is throughout the entire country or if it has since been lifted.


1 Response to "Access Denied: No WordPress in Turkey?"

Hi Cortney. for a while I was as confused as you are. At the beginning the access was denied by the ISP (Turktelekom) in Turkey. So people outside Turkey were able to access WordPress. A few days ago, the same court rendered another decision as a result of a new lawsuit filed by one of the “unintended” victims like myself. According to the new verdict, only the “offending” blogs will be blocked henceforth (to which I say, good morning! and too little too late for I already lost most of my readership as a result of this action of “throwing the baby with the bathwater” which is the title of a piece I wrote). In short, people can now access WP , or what’s left of it, in Turkey too.

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