Speed-dating for 55+

Posted on: October 27, 2007

Most of us have heard of speed-dating, where strangers have five minutes or less to get to know a handful of potentials, then jot down the names of any person who struck their fancy. But this is something I’d never heard of – speed-dating organizations or events specifically for people 55+. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on what may be the first-ever event for older people. Walker Methodist, a senior services organization, wanted to create new ways for people to have fun, and one of the ideas thrown out during focus groups was speed-dating.

I say, why not?

Last week, the first event took place and drew people (mostly women) ages 59 to 98.

Some of the touching and very honest remarks throughout the event:

“I’m nervous, I’m nervous.” (woman walking into event)

“I’m used to fun…my husband was fun. We need to have more fun.” (woman, widow after 52 years of marriage)

Are there speed-dating events for the 55+ set? If not, there should be. Speed-dating might seem like a ‘young’ person’s game, but these same people who speed-date (or online date) do so because they are 1) frustrated – they find it challenging to meet the right person and 2) a bit adventurous and risk-taking – they seek something new and fun. Of-course, there’re other reasons (some not so authentic) for subjecting yourself for possible rejection 5xs faster than going the fate/serendipitous route…My point is that the 55+ MN speed-daters, and possiby others who share their feelings, aren’t unlike the ‘younger’ people speed-dating and online dating.


1 Response to "Speed-dating for 55+"

Interesting but wonderful idea for the 55+ ‘class’…Beings I work at a bank, I know many individuals 55+ who would love to attend a ‘function’ like this. I’ll share the idea. 🙂

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