Sharing Stories of ‘Thanks’

Posted on: November 21, 2007

One of the blogs I’ve become very interested in lately is David Armano’s Logic + Emotion. If you haven’t yet read L+E, do so now and add it to your feed. Inspired by Thanksgiving, which will soon be upon us (unless you’re in Canada), Armano asked people to share what makes them thankful. Posted just yesterday, “Thankful Experiences” has garnered 62 comments, which Armano reflects upon here.

I added my thankful experience without hesitation. (I’m maybe the 13th comment.) I really find value in this post not for what it has inspired people to do – share their personal stories and contribute to the bigger, overall story of ‘thank yous’. I agree with Armano, this is a true example of how the digital platform can be so very human.


1 Response to "Sharing Stories of ‘Thanks’"

I agree, it’s a thoughtful post from David that one…

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