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I come from France and i would like to study Account Planning at MAS. But i have few questions, can you help me and answer them?!
I’ m already graduated in marketing, does Bootcamp for Account Planneris still intersesting for me like a Master?
At the end of tese three months, do you have exams? And do you receive notes, a grade to put in your CV?
Do all students make an internship at the end of the 3 months?
Does MAS realy open you doors on job market? Does MAS realy give you opportunities?
Do you know MAS reputation in Europ?
Thanks o lot,

Question for you – did you find it hard to get in the program? I’m finishing up my application for the January semester in Miami and was wondering if it is really competitive and they turn people away or if you found it to be fairly simple (once the challenge of the application was done of course!)

It wasn’t difficult to get in…meaning, the process of applying wasn’t crazy hard…I think they admit anyone who meets the criteria and shows they have a real interest in planning. I don’t know how often they turn people away. I suppose if you had no advertising/marketing experience or a real grasp of its role in brand communications or business, and didn’t have your undergrad degree, it may be trickier to get in.

Maryline – do you want to know if this program would be right for you, as you already have your degree in marketing?

At the end of 3 months, no, there is no exam. The program is not like typical college where you work, study, and take tests. It is very casual and based more on group projects and presentations.

We received feedback through email or in-person discussions. No, we did not receive grades (like A, B, etc). Therefore, it isn’t necessary to include an end ‘mark’ in the resume.

I would say that no, not all graduates of the planning program get internships or jobs. I say that from experience. I did not get a planning internship or job after finishing. A few of my classmates did, but that was because they had come from their agencies already being planners. (They were planners when they started the program and went back to their employers as planners.) I don’t think my other classmates are in planning jobs now.

You have to be proactive in finding the right job opportunity. School helps some, but they do not set up an internship for you after you finish the program. Any added experience or schooling you take opens doors (in my opinion). MAS has a strong reputation so that probably looks good to a lot of agencies, but taking a program doesn’t guarantee yourself a spot at your dream employer.

There are MAS locations in Europe, but I don’t know if they offer the planning program. You should contact the school and ask for an information packet. They would be more than happy to answer your questions.

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