NYC, Some Thoughts

Posted on: February 12, 2008

So I got to NY last night, safe and sound. Surprisingly, I didn’t get horribly lost (or frazzled) on my journey from JFK to SoHo. I did walk the wrong way down Broadway, but eventually, I met my friend, Jinal, and then, on to her cozy home. 
A few things I’ve noticed so far:
1. There are too many stores with too many yummy-looking things beckoning me. I want them all. I’m thinking this could be bad. I’ve already purchased a pair of boots, a cashmere tunic and silk wrap (from Calypso). Oh, and a mini-journal and some pens from MUJI (apparently new to NY as of November).
2. There are ridiculously good-looking people everywhere. I can’t help but stare.
3. The Hanson brothers are cute. (Yes, I’m going there – ‘celebrity’ spotting blabber – I was at Starbucks on Broadway + Grand when I spotted the middle brother. Looked like they were having coffee with their dad. Or maybe manager?) 
4. People are really nice. Like, ‘Minnesota Nice’. Well, so far I haven’t been yelled at by a taxi driver, though I think I heard a few (unwanted) catcalls. Hah.
5. I could love this city. 

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3 Responses to "NYC, Some Thoughts"

I was not impressed by the mini journals but I liked the pens and the passport wallets at muji, which is a slightly more fun place than uniqlo, both of which are relatively new to nyc.

Never mind all that ‘girlie’ stuff.

What GPS device did you use?

GPS? it’s called a map in the back of my guidebook and people’s general help 🙂 oh but my last day ‘alone’ i used Hopstop.com. got subway directions sent to my phone.

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