RCRD LBL – Free Music for Me. And You.

Posted on: March 23, 2008

Four days ago I wrote about RCRD LBL, the new online record label/music blog. At that time, there were 1,405 RCRD LBL fans on Facebook. Today I see it has risen to 1,453 fans. That doesn’t seem too shabby for only four days. Meanwhile, the number of bookmarking actions to del.icio.us has only increased by 11. Does anyone know how many users are on del.icio.us compared to Facebook? My assumption is that Facebook is much, much more widely used.

It looks like RCRD LBL posts each week’s featured downloads on Fridays. The past week’s list of 29 songs can be found here. Reviewing what I’ve downloaded, here are some numbers and lists (which may or may not be of interest):

1. # of featured songs I’ve downloaded in the last four days: 8, which = 29.6% of weekly list

2. # of total songs I’ve downloaded in the last four days: 17

3. featured songs I really like: “Paper Float (Scott Through Remix)” by Cassettes Won’t Listen. There’s something very dreamy and moody about this song that just makes the tune unique. “Talk To Me (Devlin and Darko remix feat EMarce)” by MINK. It’s quite upbeat, and, as Faith-Ann Young writes, “is that a cowbell I hear?”. Sure sounds like it around 30 seconds in!

Other new favorites of mine not from the featured download list:

1. “Skinny Love” by Bon Iver. I think I read somewhere that he isn’t referencing a lost love, contrary to what you’re conditioned to think when you hear a song like this with the word “love” in the title.

2. “Fake Baby” by Bad Veins. What is the meaning of “I’ve got you, fake baby”? Hmm…still thinking about this one…

3. “Gold and Warm” by Bad Veins. Feel-good tune to rock out to when you’re in a great mood and can’t stop smiling like the goofball that you know you are.

4. “Pro Nails (Big Raiders Remix)” by Kid Sister feat. Kanye West. Gotta appreciate the line “always fresh like my Girbauds”, right?

5. “Control – Metro Station Remix” by Steve Aoki. This song will make you want to loose control, at the club…on a table; it’s pretty damn crazy. In a good way.

These are my weekly picks. From angsty rock, to trippy rap, to frenetic electronica…a nice reflection of the variety that awaits discovery, like fat juicy bugs underneath a rock. Mmm. Thanks RCRD LBL.


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