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Current TV created a hilarious, spot-on how-to for navigating the path to love in today’s text-addicted culture.

Watching (and laughing) at this video got me thinking…While I do a fair amount of texting in general, compared to my circle of friends, I still believe in actual phone conversations. When it comes to romantic relationships – potential and real – I appreciate the actual effort that is made on my behalf to better establish real communication. True, I shoot off a ‘casual’ text to say hello or what’s up? but in this day and age, it’s too easy to get lazy and use the text in place of real conversation. We need to gauge the nature/status/level of our relationships with those we want to reach out to and ask, ‘Is a text more appropriate or a phone call?’ Too much texting with too little real talking, or sporadic and random texting is a bit confusing, and borders on frustrating. Who agrees with me?

Jezebel.com gave me a laugh today:

Do you roll your eyes whenever a yogurt commercial comes on? Some are cheesier than others, and Current TV’s Sarah Haskins shows us the best of the best. Or, worst of the worst, depending on how you look at it. One of my ‘favorites’ is the part in the Activia ad where we are shown a bright yellow arrow pointing downwards. Just in case we ladies (who may or may not have digestive issues) haven’t caught on, this yogurt makes you s**t better.

Aside from possibly helping your ‘business’ along (ahem), does yogurt really make anyone feel so good that we’re compelled to discuss it with our girlfriends for more than 10 seconds? I think I’ll ponder this over a cup of Boston Cream Pie. Oh, I mean yogurt.

See video here.


Recently I came across this in a magazine. I’ve never heard of this person or the quote, but it struck me because it’s the kind of stuff I’ve been thinking about lately.

Do you ever ask yourself other versions of the below? Or wonder why you don’t take more chances? Leaps of faith?

It seems like a simple enough question to understand, but how many of us put off answering it?


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