Cuil, a New Search Engine, Launches Today

Posted on: July 28, 2008

Cuil, a new search engine from the start-up Cuil, Inc., has big plans to compete with the likes of Google. Cuil co-founder, Anna Patterson, says Cuil will be capable of searching across 120 billion Web pages, vs. Google’s estimated 40 million.

“In addition to looking at the popularity of a Web page, Cuil also analyzes the concepts on the page and their relationships — grouping similar results under different menus. A Cuil search for “Bruce Springsteen,” for example, pulls up a section for results on the artist and a section for results pertaining to tickets.

A search on Google for “Bruce Springsteen” pulls up similar results — including the same homepage and some fan pages — but displays them in one long list of links.”

I gave Cuil a test-run by searching for “French bulldog”. (Currently, there are no ads as the company is determining whether to sell space or work with a third party.) So for now, my results appear clearly, ad-free. The results show:

  • content appearing in 3 columns, but can be changed to 2 (lower-right hand corner)
  • paragraph descriptions of sites including small images
  • and, where Cuil differs most from Google? It organizes results into potentially user-relevant categories. Since I searched for “French bulldogs”, I am shown 6 categories, ranging from Bulldog Breeds to Kennel Clubs. Each category also shows sub-categories.

see WSJ.com for full article

6 Responses to "Cuil, a New Search Engine, Launches Today"

pretty cuil to have a different format and alt to google. however, it’s just not as fun as saying “hey dude, why don’t you google-it?”

exactly! haha…I thought about this as I was writing. Maybe as part of their initial launch campaign (if they have one) they should include a fun element addressing ‘how to pronounce us’. Is it “kewl” or “cule” (as in, ‘mule’)? Even so, I think we’re pretty much a Google culture, since we use the word as a verb. How did that happen?

how did it happen? here’s how it could’ve gone down:

legal dept: “we need to make that TM bigger next to the logo”
art director: “no.”
legal dept: “we have to protect our trademark.”
art director: “okay, how much bigger?”
legal dept: “i don’t know, you’re the expert?”

whoa, we just had an earthquake here as i was putting typing this.

i heard about the quake…was it big?

was there more to your story? it seemed like there might be…

digging myself out of rubble now. 😉 nah, it wasn’t really that bad.

art director: “okay how ’bout i bump it up by 5%”
legal dept: “that’s not going to be big enough. it has to be this big (doing the pinch thing with the fingers)”
art director: “go screw yourself!”

so there you have it. an art director who didn’t make the TM logo big enough and we’re left with a trademarked brand name that has been “genericized.”

or a brand that is used as a verb?

maybe not so bad after all?

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