DNA 11 on Facebook: Join and Help World Vision

Posted on: August 28, 2008

I just received an email from a unique company that makes what they call DNA art. DNA 11 creates personalized art from (you guessed it) DNA, fingerprints, and kiss marks. Specifically, their product line includes DNA Portraits, Fingerprint Portraits, and Kiss Portraits.

DNA 11, a company that seems to be in the business/innovation area of producing unique art, has just set up a Facebook fan page. In doing so, they’re also encouraging support for World Vision and their initiative to sponsor a few impoverished children each year. If you join their network on Facebook, DNA 11 will donate $1 (for each new member) to World Vision. Sponsorship of one child is $360 a year, and they tell me it is their hope to sponsor a few kids. So far membership is at 63, so if you think this is a good cause and makes sense to you, look them up and click “join group”. Nothing else is needed from you. (Look up “DNA 11” in a search.)

I’m curious to know how DNA 11 sees its business as intersecting with World Vision and their goals. I think it’s a great idea, but why choose an organization to support that is not related to the arts? Perhaps the founder of DNA 11 simply felt the company should give something back? Or maybe they see a connection between their products’ inspiration (biology and physical aspects of our existence) and the physiological needs of kids around the world? Hopefully the founder responds to my questions…either here or on Facebook 🙂


2 Responses to "DNA 11 on Facebook: Join and Help World Vision"

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scary cool. maybe i have an excuse now to get rid of the shabby-chic look that rachel ashwell made so cool a decade ago. 😉

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