Anti-Aging Advertising

Posted on: October 1, 2008

Flipping through the UK’s October issue of Marie Claire, I admit an ad caught my eye. I will not mention the brand of the ad or product, but I will say that it made me smirk, which probably promoted my own aging, though mostly wrinkle-free visage. The ad claims that with the brand’s serum, you will see “up to a 61% reduction in the look of deep, prominent wrinkles”. 

Just how is one to judge what a 61% reduction is? (And this is after 4 weeks of “continued use”.) I would have been ok with 50%, or 70%, but now I’ve spent too much time pondering what 61% might look like. Of-course, I had to check out the facts on the company’s site, where I found a video and Q&A with the company’s VP of Research & Development. Despite the information, I’m not sure I’m convinced, or feel compelled to buy. 

It seems as if more sculpting, firming, lifting, and schelacking ads and products are coming at us women more often, and at a faster rate compared to a few years ago. Media, business, and culture now more than ever, promote and believe in the power of women’s inner beauty, strengths, and potential. Yet how is it that the same (or closely related) individuals manage to diminish the idea and value of real beauty by telling us we’re not supposed to age? Mindf**k, I say, mindf**k.


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