Minnesota Public Radio Asks for Holiday Stories

Posted on: December 12, 2008

logoI’m on the Minnesota Public Radio Public Insight Network, so from time to time they’ll send emails asking for input on a variety of topics. Today they’ve asked “How do you manage family at the holidays?” They write:

Holiday togetherness: Good, bad or ugly?
For many, holidays are a time to be with those we love. But those who are closest to us are also able to drive us the craziest.
What are the topics of conversation, questions and activities that you’re hoping to avoid this holiday season? And how will you keep yourself sane?
Maybe it’s questions like, “When are you getting married?” or conversations about politics.  Or perhaps it’s the annual family game of Risk. Do you find yourself playing with the kids, turning on the TV or volunteering to do the dishes to avoid what you know is coming?

They said I could pass this email along, so instead I’m spreading the word here. Share your stories here: How do you manage your family at the holidays?

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