Opportunity Knocks Only When There’s a Door…

Posted on: July 14, 2009

How often do you pay attention to the ad/links when you’re in Gmail? I rarely do so. I happened to glance up just now and read this:

Funny Quote of the Day – “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle


For me, at this particular point in time, and specifically for today, this quote resonates with me. (serendipitous? maybe) As someone who’s actively job-searching and networking, I’m discovering that you can’t always wait for opportunities to present themselves to you. (At times, you can — maybe before the job market took a downward spiral — but if you want to move forward, and keep moving forward, you have to put yourself out there and seek opportunities on your own.) If you’re lucky enough to come across a great opportunity, run with it. I’m thinking of doing just that these days…why not? Maybe it’s time I make my door.

This is a small part of the detailed carvings in the bronze doors of the Plummer Building - taken at night.

This is a small part of the detailed carvings in the bronze doors of the Plummer Building - taken at night.

Thoughts of fear, failure, or uncertainty shouldn’t hold you back. Sometimes the unknown has propelled me to some of my most rewarding life experiences…in school, work, and my personal life.

For anyone else on the job search, or life search for that matter, think about building that door…and as Mike Holmes would say, stay in hustle mode.


3 Responses to "Opportunity Knocks Only When There’s a Door…"

Two guys in Philadelphia took resumes and handed them out by a busy freeway entrance to passing cars. They got a lot of interest and interviews

I am following you on twitter. I linked to here from your linkedin profile.

What a great message. I think we all need to read this now and I again. I will remember this every time I fail. “Make your own door”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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