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In a world where news is regurgitated 24/7/365, I’ve created yet one more place for you to eat it up! culled from a plethora of platforms, here are bites of ideas related to planning, design, human nature, randomness, and more!


I think I need to change this because I’m finding I’m writing about random things that interest me, not necessarily things solely on planning or advertising. I’m discovering the really good blogs, the most interesting ones, don’t follow a format or subject matter to the T. They flow and it seems to work. So we’ll see where Digestion goes. I’m going to let it wander, go this-way-and-that…

3 Responses to "This Blog"

Very well designed and informative blog! Glad I found it!

Thanks for the great info. I found a lot of it so interesting…

how did you find your way here?

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