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What emotions do you think or feel are being represented here? Experience this e-Motions motion graphic by Tania Falcao. e-Motions states: Animation is an art form which brings to life our imagination, creates illusions an mimics actions. “Through this form of expression, based in motion, is possible to give form to sensations and feelings showing physical reactions and facial expressions. The goal is to present emotions and sensations through the expression of drawing and 2D digital animation technology.” via 2Modern Design Talk.

Flipping through the UK’s October issue of Marie Claire, I admit an ad caught my eye. I will not mention the brand of the ad or product, but I will say that it made me smirk, which probably promoted my own aging, though mostly wrinkle-free visage. The ad claims that with the brand’s serum, you will see “up to a 61% reduction in the look of deep, prominent wrinkles”. 

Just how is one to judge what a 61% reduction is? (And this is after 4 weeks of “continued use”.) I would have been ok with 50%, or 70%, but now I’ve spent too much time pondering what 61% might look like. Of-course, I had to check out the facts on the company’s site, where I found a video and Q&A with the company’s VP of Research & Development. Despite the information, I’m not sure I’m convinced, or feel compelled to buy. 

It seems as if more sculpting, firming, lifting, and schelacking ads and products are coming at us women more often, and at a faster rate compared to a few years ago. Media, business, and culture now more than ever, promote and believe in the power of women’s inner beauty, strengths, and potential. Yet how is it that the same (or closely related) individuals manage to diminish the idea and value of real beauty by telling us we’re not supposed to age? Mindf**k, I say, mindf**k.

“Meaningful design experience”. I had a good one the other day.

Do you ever have those? You’re going about your business and bam!–you encounter something (product or service) that you find works so well for you and you instantly feel happy? Maybe you even think to yourself, ‘Wow, why didn’t someone think of this a long time ago?’

The other day I decided to use one of the many bar soaps I have stocked in my linen closet. (Sometimes I use body wash, as bar soaps tend to dry my skin out. And as a side-note, I’m not necessarily a hoarder; I just like having options. Who doesn’t?) As I peered into my closet, I decided to break open the organic (and a bit expensive) Pangea Organics soap I had purchased a few months ago from World Market. (If you haven’t been to World Market yet, I recommend a visit. It is one of the best places in Minneapolis to explore ethnic snacks, furniture, homeware, jewelry, body care goodies, and more.)

The soap I chose, Malagasy Cinnamon Cassia with Cloves, is meant to ‘invigorate the mind and warm the body’. The packaging also told me that cinnamon acts as an astringent & antioxidant, and aphrodisiac. Cloves are supposedly antimicrobial & detoxifying and stimulating. Not automatically impressive as so many soaps claim to be these things. One of the main reasons I bought the soap was due to its aesthetics (simple, egg-carton-like packaging) and scent. The small circle cut-out on the top of the carton allows you to get a good whiff of the soap. The Malagasy must have yanked me out of my Sunday-shopping reverie because I recall it was fairly strong smelling and uplifting…

For some reason I did not read the label thoroughly before or immediately after purchasing. Usually I do this. So, it was only until the other day that I sat down and read the whole label. Now getting to the design ‘aha! moment’: The label told me that I can actually plant it. 

Is this a fairly new packaging effort by sustainable-minded companies? I’d never heard of this and was delighted — This company encourages consumers to be mindful of waste and actually gives us a small tool with which to take action versus giving us a top 10 ways to save the earth. Pangea Organics says “All of our product boxes are made using a new Zero Waste process with 100% post-consumer paper and organic seeds like sweet basil and amaranth. Simply slip off the label, soak the box in water for a minute and plant it in the earth. Ecocentric Bodycare: Always Beneficial, Never Artificial.”

I’m not sure what the general ecological benefits are associated with herbs or planting them, but it can’t be a bad thing. Maybe this would be trickier to produce and get consumers to act upon, but what if Pangea Organics (or others) made product packaging with vegetable seeds? Growing your own food is a small way to reduce your carbon footprint (think less driving time to buy veggies = less harmful emissions). 

Yesterday I told my parents about the soap and handed the package to my mom. Hopefully I’ll see some amaranth soon…



Here’s a site I’d never heard of until today, Eternal Sunset, which amazingly allows you to view sunsets from all over the world. 276 cameras hooked up via the web cover sunsets in 54 countries. Check out their interactive and realtime global maps for all locations.

Eternal Sunset states that it celebrates the romantic beauty enabled by the efficiency and productivity associated with the internet. Kind-of interesting when you think that sunsets are meant to be enjoyed by slowing down and taking in a moment, whereas the internet represents speed, speed, speed. I can’t remember the last time I stopped to take in a sunset, so I’ll have to bookmark this when I need a fix at any time of the day.

via Very Short List

p11703318_ph_hero.jpgp11703860_ph_hero.jpgp11704134_ph_hero.jpgThis morning’s eLuxury.com email features the luxury skincare line Korner Skincare. They are the “revolutionary system of biotechnically advanced products, formulated in Paris using rare and precious plant, marine and mineral extracts.” Sounds good to me, but what really draws me in is the design. Check it. Sleek, bold, slightly masculine. My only quip is the clear plastic cover, which seems to interrupt the flow of the design.


This leather-backed, walnut and acrylic based Japanese-designed handset is a stunner. Unfortunately, the Amadana DU-119, is only available in Europe and Japan until its U.S. debut. Bang & Olufsen, Apple, watch out.

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