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Yesterday I spotted Mygazines.com via PSFK. This seems like a great resource for people who:

  • are magazine junkies (like myself) – Perhaps you can’t give up any more space in your office/home/bathroom to another stack and it pains you to toss out your 2005 VOGUE collection. Though the physical experience of reading a magazine is lost, Mygazines.com offers the content, including ads (benefit to advertisers!)
  • work in advertising, marketing, media, etc – though the quality isn’t perfect, this might be a handy tool for quick competitor reference (if you work in print)

Basic features of Mygazines include:

  1. browse – choose from 17 categories (arts & culture, home & garden, travel, etc.) And, for specific titles, try searching the sub-categories.
  2. upload – not necessary in order to browse, but helpful for sharing purposes
  3. archive – save an article, entire magazine, or bookmark (Del.icio.us, Digg, Technorati, etc.) However, there seems to be a bug with the saving option. At least, that is my user experience thus far.

When reading a story, actions you can take:

  • zoom (only once)
  • rate
  • comment
  • send/share

I’m using Mygazines.com on Firefox and the magazines pop up in a new window. Zooming is helpful, though sometimes it isn’t the best quality (even when enlarging text, it’s fuzzy). Depending on how careful users are when uploading magazines, the pages may or may not be cut off a bit (or crooked). One very smart feature is the “pages” option, which can be found on the right vertical toolbar, third icon down (specific direction for those of you, like my dear mother, who have difficulty turning on a laptop). “Pages” allows you to go straight to the articles you want to see, versus paging through the entire magazine including ads.

In reference to legality, PSFK writes that though it’s questionable, there is potential. “Mygazines could really provide a useful alternative outlet for publishers looking to reach more readers. When it’s free, your’e going to attract an audience.”

Overall, in my second day of browsing, Mygazines feels useful and fairly user-friendly. As far as the experience goes, it may greatly differ for users who are looking for visual stories (fashion/design inspiration) versus those needing a financial reference in a cut-and-dry article. But, you be the judge, as always.

So I got to NY last night, safe and sound. Surprisingly, I didn’t get horribly lost (or frazzled) on my journey from JFK to SoHo. I did walk the wrong way down Broadway, but eventually, I met my friend, Jinal, and then, on to her cozy home. 
A few things I’ve noticed so far:
1. There are too many stores with too many yummy-looking things beckoning me. I want them all. I’m thinking this could be bad. I’ve already purchased a pair of boots, a cashmere tunic and silk wrap (from Calypso). Oh, and a mini-journal and some pens from MUJI (apparently new to NY as of November).
2. There are ridiculously good-looking people everywhere. I can’t help but stare.
3. The Hanson brothers are cute. (Yes, I’m going there – ‘celebrity’ spotting blabber – I was at Starbucks on Broadway + Grand when I spotted the middle brother. Looked like they were having coffee with their dad. Or maybe manager?) 
4. People are really nice. Like, ‘Minnesota Nice’. Well, so far I haven’t been yelled at by a taxi driver, though I think I heard a few (unwanted) catcalls. Hah.
5. I could love this city. 

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Here’s a site I’d never heard of until today, Eternal Sunset, which amazingly allows you to view sunsets from all over the world. 276 cameras hooked up via the web cover sunsets in 54 countries. Check out their interactive and realtime global maps for all locations.

Eternal Sunset states that it celebrates the romantic beauty enabled by the efficiency and productivity associated with the internet. Kind-of interesting when you think that sunsets are meant to be enjoyed by slowing down and taking in a moment, whereas the internet represents speed, speed, speed. I can’t remember the last time I stopped to take in a sunset, so I’ll have to bookmark this when I need a fix at any time of the day.

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Some randomish things I snapped when I was in Chicago visiting ad agencies for Agency Exposure. (School organized it. Too bad only one agency said they’re hiring.) Note the bar sign. I would think it would be the other way around – “leap in, limp out” hah.

mebar signimg_0170.jpg


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