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Ah, corn! It was the first vegetable I ever fell in love with, when I was just a youngster hiding ‘eaten’ peas in my napkin at the dinner table.

But what of this? It sounds like corn is a huge contributor to our poor diets (if we’re fast-food consumers). And it promotes environmental damage!? See “Fast Food: Just Another Name for Corn” via Wired.com.

After seeing this, I may have to give more thought to all those ‘fresh/quick’ fast-food chains that claim to be healthy, nutritious, and natural (i.e. Panera, one of my favorites). While food on menus may sound appealing, we should really consider the source and diet of the animals that we’re about to consume.

In truth, this makes me more nervous than mad cow scares.

corncow? haha

For a run-down on what’s cool for the new year, per The Washington Post, take a look at this lengthy yet highly informative list.

It’s been a week or so since I made the jump from Blogger to WordPress and I’ve yet to give much attention to the “about me” section, or as I’ve called it, “Who I Am”. In lieu of a more professional and creative description, I’ve updated the section with one idea today.

That idea is about showing my consumption love for White Castle. Despite my penchant for the not-too-greasy and dainty burgers, I’d never visited White Castle’s website. Currently there are some nice features on the main site: a game promotion, a new product (scrapbook), and an interactive game/conversation.

The scrapbook, appropriately titled By the Sackful, is a recipe book commemorating 85 years of Slyder greatness. Find Craver stories (Cravers = fans), vintage photos, in addition to a variety of recipes. Not only was I surprised to learn that White Castle has such longevity, but they also are socially and community minded. All proceeds for By the Sackful will go towards the non-profit, Turkeys 4 America. Turkeys 4 America provides turkeys to families in need during the holidays. At $9.95 a book, you can afford to buy one for you and one for your friend. I have no idea how much a 15-lb turkey costs, but $20 sounds like it would cover one bird.

wc-cookbook_250.jpgI like being pleasantly surprised by a brand or product. Especially if this brand/product is already a part of my life, I enjoy the new little piece of information I discover.


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