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Here is something that has gotten me quite excited: RCRD LBL. They are an “online record label releasing exclusive and completely free music from emerging and established artists” but also offers a “curated roster of independent record labels offering free MP3 downloads and multimedia content in blog format”. (It is also worth mentioning that the founders are Peter Rojas of Gizmodo and Engadget and Josh Deutsch of Downtown Records.)

I’m not sure if it’s the crazy tempo of Steve Aoki’s remixed “Control” or my elatedness at finding a music site that is easy to look at, gives me fresh, emerging artists, AND free tunes…but I felt so compelled to share so please do yourself a favor (if you love music, discovery, and/or freebies) and poke around.

Here’re just a few things you can do at RCRD LBL.com:

1) Discover new music/artists – by name or genre. If you love someone, add them to your RSS feed to stay on top of their news.

2) Sample tunes via various players

3) Download music (not sure how this works for PCs, but my download became a Quicktime file. I simply dropped it into my iTunes player and was able to play from there. At first I got a bit nervous and agitated that I might have to play each mp3 alone in Quicktime, hah.)

4) Catalogue and track favorite RCRD LBL artists – you create a profile and any time you come across self-approved music, hit “add” to your list

5) Very smart – widget app to stay up-to-date on artist info, photos, tours, etc

Now what you can’t do (and what they should add, in my humble opinion):

1) Unless I’m blind, I don’t see genre listings for each artist. For example, if I’m listening to Bad Veins, nowhere does it tell me how RCRD LBL has classified it. This would be helpful because you can search tunes according to genre. The tag cloud here is varied, but I don’t see a connection between that and the individual artist ‘pages’ where you listen to their music.

2) RCRD LBL is not a social networking site, but because they allow you to create a profile, I am left wanting to connect with others, to see what they’re listening to (like Last.fm I suppose), but there is no ‘add user’ option. The main service of this site being to offer up new music by basically acting like one huge directory, it makes sense that they limit the user interaction. Or does it? If I’m looking at Pink Starr’s profile, what am I getting? Just a list. She can recommend other non-RCRD LBL artists, but can’t blog about them or her other musical tastes.

3) Again, maybe this is somewhere and I have yet to find it, but, I would find RCRD LBL a bit more useful if they offered a player that tracked all of your favorite songs as you played them (again, like Last.fm?), even though you can download and keep for yourself. For example, what if you wanted to download a song but couldn’t at the time (i.e., you’re not using your computer, time ran out, lurking co-worker popped by?), so you can add the song to your ‘player of favorites’ to download later.

Other notes of interest:

1. According to del.icio.us, only 857 users (on del.icio.us) have saved RCRD LBL, though I’m sure this is fast landing on the radar of many as I write.

2. Last week I became a fan of RCRD LBL on Facebook. Currently, there are 1,405 fans.

3. RCRD LBL only launched in November (11.15.07) so I am sure their user/fan-base will shoot up over the year. Interestingly, RCRD LBL sees revenue strictly via its advertising and sponsorships (remember, it’s an online record label, not just a source spewing new music for us to immediately sample).

4. Various streaming music players are branded by the likes of BMW, PUMA, Nokia, and Nikon. These players = widgets. Clever. (because it’s useful for us and useful for the brand sponsors) Just click “grab this” and choose where you want the widget to live.

For an in-depth perspective from, and on RCRD LBL, see PSFK’s interview with co-founder Peter Rojas. 

What is sexy? Have fun exploring ideas of sexyness with K-Y Brand. This is a fun place to share your quick thoughts on the concept of “sexy”. Of-course, it’s no fun giving if you’re not receiving, so don’t be afraid to play around with the swirling sexy phrases – here you can see what others have offered up.

What is most interesting is the filtering tool to the left of the phrases. By de-selecting gender and moving the age markers around, you get a rough idea of who thinks what is sexy. I’m curious to know how many people 70+ have shared their thoughts. (Maybe you should send this to your grandma?) I’m most interested in the male 20-30 demographic, so I turned the women off and adjusted the age marker. A few definitions of sexy appeared: naked on an elephant, naked bus driving, naked jumping jacks. And corndogs. At least K-Y can confidently infer that men think nakedness is sexy. Hah. Jokes aside, there’re some sweetly unique responses as well.

I appreciate the fresh and fun vibe of this interactive experience. Unlike a lot of brands, K-Y isn’t telling us how to think or act, what to buy, or what kind of person we should be. As they say under the “Sexy Is” rollover, our definition of sexy is much more interesting than theirs (true), and by collectively sharing our own “sexy mantras”, we can help create a create a new attitude of what’s hot.

So what is sexy?

It’s been a week or so since I made the jump from Blogger to WordPress and I’ve yet to give much attention to the “about me” section, or as I’ve called it, “Who I Am”. In lieu of a more professional and creative description, I’ve updated the section with one idea today.

That idea is about showing my consumption love for White Castle. Despite my penchant for the not-too-greasy and dainty burgers, I’d never visited White Castle’s website. Currently there are some nice features on the main site: a game promotion, a new product (scrapbook), and an interactive game/conversation.

The scrapbook, appropriately titled By the Sackful, is a recipe book commemorating 85 years of Slyder greatness. Find Craver stories (Cravers = fans), vintage photos, in addition to a variety of recipes. Not only was I surprised to learn that White Castle has such longevity, but they also are socially and community minded. All proceeds for By the Sackful will go towards the non-profit, Turkeys 4 America. Turkeys 4 America provides turkeys to families in need during the holidays. At $9.95 a book, you can afford to buy one for you and one for your friend. I have no idea how much a 15-lb turkey costs, but $20 sounds like it would cover one bird.

wc-cookbook_250.jpgI like being pleasantly surprised by a brand or product. Especially if this brand/product is already a part of my life, I enjoy the new little piece of information I discover.

MINI’s teaser site, counting down to the launch of buzz-building 15-second film clips promoting the Clubman. See Contagious post or MINI’s The Other View clock.

Also running is their The Other Lunch campaign. Choose from a variety of events (FREE LUNCH included) where you can bone up on some valuable life skills. Why don’t I live in London? Actually, I’m really curious to know how MINI will integrate their brand story directly into the events. Or, will there be no mention of MINI or the Clubman?

I like the quirk factor in the various events (how to get back in a will, how to pass a lie detector test). And I like that you get free food. Aside from this, the campaign is interesting in that it combines fun learning with community interaction. It’s really working to bring like-minded people (MINI fans, potential fans) together, get them to interact, and ultimately bond within the group and to the brand.

If anyone signs up to one of these lunches, post your comments on the experience here.

Here’s yet another fascinating example of interactive marketing that has the power to draw people in so they actually experience something, rather than just observe a brand’s online presence (i.e. visiting a site, playing a game, or signing up for updates).

Actually, it’s a “first” according to PRBuzz.com.

Check out the Golden Jigsaw. It’s an interactive game where players put together a puzzle by solving clues and finding pieces on various websites. The 1st person to put it together wins $1 mil. Strategic idea to get traffic from users advertisers wouldn’t normally see.


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