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I’m bored so I’m running through the latest RCRDLBL free downloads. Here’s what I’m adding:

“Shampoo [Alternate Version]” / Elvis Perkins

“Slow Burning Crimes” / East Hundred

“The Echo” and “Why Not” / Voxhaul Broadcast

“Round N Round [feat 77Klash]” / Bosco Delray

“Pine On” / Obits

And speaking of music – today I was at the bookstore and came across This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel Levitin. Levitin, a musician turned neuroscientist, reveals the science behind our preferences for music, among other topics such as:

  • Is there a cutoff point for acquiring new tastes in music?
  • What do PET scans and MRIs reveal about the brain’s response to music?
  • Is musical pleasure different from other kinds of pleasure?

This is yet another book I’m adding to my ‘must read’ list!


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Just caught the last part of Oprah, where she’s filming from Kennedy Center. Will.i.am, Seal, Mary J. Blige, Faith Hill, and Bono sang the new “America’s Song” (co-written by David Foster). At the end of the show, Oprah announced this song is available, free to download off of Oprah.com. This is free until 5 p.m. ET until tomorrow, Tuesday 1/20.

Thanks for the generosity, Oprah!

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  • If you’re looking for some different/challenging pumpkin carving patterns, check out these politically charged designs at Campaign-O-Lanterns.


  • Love this product and what it communicates: Create your own message with the DIY Screenprinted LCD Card. 4 lines of 5-character fields lets you personalize your digital greeting. Cards are printed on 100% recycled paper. 5 for $15. From San Francisco shop Yellow Owl Workshop

The past few nights I’ve been sampling tunes on RCRDLBL.com and tonight came across Solid Gold. Since I’m only scanning the reviews in my Google Reader and artists’ bio pages, I didn’t see this group is from Minneapolis until I’d given their song a good listen. Tony Plunkett on RCRDLBL likens Solid Gold’s sound to Culture Club, but there aren’t enough tracks there for me to make a comparison. Hop over to their MySpace page and check it out though.

“Who You Gonna Run To” is worth the [free] download…I couldn’t be a music critic as I’m instrument-ignorant so I’m hard pressed to describe the actual sounds here..There’s one sound that’s a constant in the song…Plunkett says it gives it a “woozy groovy” feel. I’d just have to agree.

Ahh…another RCRD LBL/branding/marketing connection!

via Adam Crowe is Paul Isakson’s presentation “What’s Next in Marketing & Advertising” found here or here on Slideshare. One point Isakson makes is that brands need to connect through content. Specifically, “content is the new currency”. Isakson points to RCRD LBL as proof in slide 51. hehe. Yes, they certainly have made enough of an impression on me that I’ve now blogged about it numerous times, have joined is fan page on Facebook, and have told my good friends about it.

Recently I wrote about Scion’s new site that lets creative-minded folks make their own logos. I also recently posted some stuff about RCRD LBL. In one post, I told you that I downloaded Kid Sister’s “Pro Nails (Big Raiders) Remix”. Now here I sit at Vera’s Cafe in Uptown (Minneapolis). Vera’s is one of those cool neighborhood cafes (coffee/food/alcohol/music/free wi-fi/good people-watching etc.!) where you can pick up flyers for local shows, local city guides, etc. Upon walking in, what do my beady little eyes spy? A cd…free, of-course…so I paw it and take a look:

It’s a Scion cd sampler (v.20), mixed by LA Riots, who are DJs Jo’B and Daniel Ledisko. A quick scan shows Kid Sister’s “Control” is no.9 on the mix. Now I’m thinking…Scion is impressing me lately. The packaging reads “Scion’s commitment to artistic expression provides a platform for passionate musicians to focus on developing their art and exploring the endless possibilities.” To learn more about Scion/Audio/Visual (SAV) check out scion.com/SAV. Here you can listen to this particular mix, previous mixes, and future mixes.

When I saw the new and mostly unheard of (to me) artists, including the Kid Sister mix, my mind went back to RCRD LBL and their devotion to the new and emerging talent of musicians. And of-course, I also made the positive connection to Scionspeak. It’s one thing (and probably not always very effective) for brands to attach themselves to so-called ‘cool’ ala the Samsung/Armani phone. (Does the Samsung customer connect with the Armani lifestyle? Maybe. Need to read more on this probably.) And then, it is quite another when a brand does its homework, works to give its users/fans/etc something meaningful (to their lives) and speaks to their interests. Scion’s movement to recognize the progressive and lively street culture just makes sense for this brand. Does it make sense for Armani to brand a Samsung phone? Thoughts?


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