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“How does time perspective shape our lives?” is the question…

Thanks, Adam for this video from @GoogleTalks, through the Authors@Google series.

In The Time Paradox, Drs. Zimbardo and Boyd draw on thirty years of pioneering research to reveal, for the first time, how your individual time perspective shapes your life and is shaped by the world around you. Further, they demonstrate that your and every other individual’s time zones interact to create national cultures, economics, and personal destinies.

Part micro-blog with a sense of Craigslist Rants & Raves, Ventibate is the place to go if you A) need to get something off your chest anonymously, B) need validation that we all deal with idiocy and unfairness and we all deal with crap together, or C) really need a good laugh on a boring day at the office. Oh yeah, but I also think it is interesting that Ventibate categorizes complaints (stories?) like Consumer, Relationships, Sex, Politics, and Work.

Current TV created a hilarious, spot-on how-to for navigating the path to love in today’s text-addicted culture.

Watching (and laughing) at this video got me thinking…While I do a fair amount of texting in general, compared to my circle of friends, I still believe in actual phone conversations. When it comes to romantic relationships – potential and real – I appreciate the actual effort that is made on my behalf to better establish real communication. True, I shoot off a ‘casual’ text to say hello or what’s up? but in this day and age, it’s too easy to get lazy and use the text in place of real conversation. We need to gauge the nature/status/level of our relationships with those we want to reach out to and ask, ‘Is a text more appropriate or a phone call?’ Too much texting with too little real talking, or sporadic and random texting is a bit confusing, and borders on frustrating. Who agrees with me?

Here’s an interesting product concept from Jackie Lee and Hyemin Chung at the MIT Media Labs: the Lover’s Cup. This is an LED-enhanced, wifi enabled pair of cups meant for sharing the experience of drinking from afar. An example usage scenario – say my lovah and I are in separate locations and I wish to connect with him. All I need to do is pick up my cup and take a sip. My lovah will then see his own cup light up, which tells him I wish to share a drinking moment with him.

But wait – the Lover’s Cup does more than act as a virtual toasting gimmick. With a sip or a shake of the cup, users are communicating their affinity towards one another. The soft beacon of light reminds the user that their special someone is thinking of them.

(Now if only I’d known of these cups sooner…they could have been useful in past long-distance relationships that ended up on the cutting room floor…)


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