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Building upon the buzz that surrounds Second Life, HBO has purchased a documentary that was made entirely within Second Life. The film focuses on an avatar Molotov Alva, who goes about the virtual world and learns about the “complex social interactions that take place within Second Life.”

The documentary, “Molotov’s Dispatches in Search of the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey” was not created by a Second Lifer. Well, that is not to say that director Douglas Gayeton does not have an avatar on Second Life, but he does have credible experience, having worked with Spike Jonze. HBO plans to submit the film for Academy Award consideration. They see it competing in the “animated short-subject” category.

Big brands have already begun setting up Second Life partnerships and experiences, so how far can advertisers spread themselves across the bridge of reality and virtual reality? Will interactive strategies bring more users to Second Life, or will brands attract new audiences through Second Life?

And why couldn’t HBO submit this under just plain “documentary”? Yes, Second Life physically exists online and so, in the virtual world, but with all the partnering and future strategies no doubt lined up with advertisers, isn’t it almost reality because its story is bleeding into it [reality]? At least, the experience seems like it would eventually blur into reality. (Ah, the line, the line! Is there one?)

Here’s yet another fascinating example of interactive marketing that has the power to draw people in so they actually experience something, rather than just observe a brand’s online presence (i.e. visiting a site, playing a game, or signing up for updates).

Actually, it’s a “first” according to PRBuzz.com.

Check out the Golden Jigsaw. It’s an interactive game where players put together a puzzle by solving clues and finding pieces on various websites. The 1st person to put it together wins $1 mil. Strategic idea to get traffic from users advertisers wouldn’t normally see.

As you may or may not know, I am in Miami Ad School’s Bootcamp for Account Planners. Part of the program involves lecture, where planning directors/VPs come in from various agencies (some have been Carmichael Lynch, Leo Burnett, and draftFCB) and speak on various topics.

While the majority of the lectures have been truly meaningful and eye-opening, there has yet to be a lecture devoted solely to the future of advertising, and specifically, the future of planning. Everyone knows that we’re living in a changing world – (but hasn’t it always been changing?) – where people control when and how they’re touched by ads, where tv is losing its power of reach, where people create the ads and control the brand (to a point).

Should I be a little wary of my future if no one has talked about connections or transmedia planning? Hmm

I’ve been hearing more and more about connections planning, or transmedia planning being the future of planning as a whole. I haven’t done enough research to have a firm handle on what it is, though in general I can say it is using the insights of traditional planning while considering the contact points for the business/brand. I’ve been told it’s account planning + media planning. Don’t listen to me because I’m too green on this.

Here are some sources to bone up on connection(s) planning:

The Account Planning Group
No-Duh, Big A-ha

and transmedia planning:

Henry Jenkins
Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide by Henry Jacobs
Talent imitates, genius steals (Faris Yakob, Naked)
the fruits of imagination (Jason Oke, Leo Burnett)

I ordered Convergence Culture so I’ll come back and post on thoughts as I read.


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